This is a time and financial commitment to your health and wellbeing. Prepare for a minimum of 8 weeks of treatment. Weeks 1-4 are twice weekly, then once per week until week 8. You will then be assessed for maintenance treatment based on your individual response to the medication.

Initial consultation: Meet with the doctor and review medical history, fill out questionnaires, obtain insurance authorizations. Once approved we will order your medication to be shipped to the office.

Treatments: You must have a driver and remain in observation for 2 hours each treatment, no exceptions. You will fill out a brief questionnaire each visit.

Please bring comfort items and emergency prescriptions with you to each appointment. EarPods and music, journal, book, blanket, mints. You will want to relax.


Fees: Medications are being run through your pharmacy benefits. Office visits for monitoring are $225 per session.