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Costs and Billing

For All Patients

Because I do not have contracts with any insurance companies, all visits 

are self-pay and payment is requested at the time of each appointment.   


Appointments are billed at an hourly rate.  They can be scheduled in half hour increments.   The hourly rate will be slightly higher for half hour appointments.   

Under some circumstances, insurers will reimburse patients through "Out of Network" benefits.  I am happy to provide a receipt that will list the necessary codes to file a claim.  



Buprenorphine Patients

For my Opioid addiction patients, a simple hourly rate is not the most common model -- I think many "Suboxone Clinics" charge a monthly fee.  Your first month with me likely will be a bit more expensive or the same cost as other providers.  However, with regard to follow up appointments, the situation should reverse. As you become more stable, we will need to meet less frequently.


 I really do want to help make this affordable -- or at least offer the best possible value -- for my patients.  I want you to receive the care you pay for, and I want to make sure you get the best possible care.   Please never give up or surrender to this disease.


I provide undivided and complete psychiatric care.  That is, I do not expect you to see a separate Psychiatrist and get just Buprenorphine here.  I am here to help you with all of these issues -- which, in my experience, are always intertwined; however I do not require that you come here for treatment of co-occuring psychiatric problems.


Form of Payment

We are able to process payment through credit card or check.  Please do not bring cash.


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